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Note: The Church of Creativity™ South Australia was formerly known as the World Church of the Creator-WCOTC SA and the White Crusaders of the RaHoWa (or Racial Holy War)-WCOTR SA. It is the South Australian arm of the Creativity Alliance.

Greetings and welcome to the website for the Church of Creativity South Australia. My name is Reverend Cailen Cambeul and I am the Church representative for South Australia. A basic description of me would be a White and proud, aged near 50 years, bald, divorced, arrogant and extremely opinionated ex-serviceman formerly with the Australian Regular Army; but that is just me. The age of our average Church of Creativity Member ranges from age 14 to age 88. There are as many different types of Creator as there are Creators. So, for those of you with media or politically contrived preconceptions about Creativity and Creators, do yourself a favour and learn to think for yourselves.

Save and PrintOur religion is Creativity and we describe ourselves as Creators. Creativity is a legally recognised religion for White people, by White people. It objects to amongst other things, Christianity, multiculturalism and Marxism. Creators do not believe in gods or devils, an after-life, heaven or hell. Creators do believe in maintaining a balance with nature while keeping a sound mind, in a sound body, in a sound society, in a sound environment. 

There are some who believe that to be a Creator you must belong to an “official” group. To be a Church Member, yes, you must belong to the Church of Creativity; but to accept the religion of Creativity as your own, it is up to you or not whether you wish to join the Church. The Church of Creativity SA are part of what is called the Creativity Alliance (CA), of which I, at the moment am acting as Church Administrator – I was previously the Pontifex Maximus (Highest Priest). The Creativity Alliance in itself is a religious organisation dedicated to the spread of Creativity. i.e. Numerous regional variations of the Church of Creativity, Creator groups and individual Creators from all around the world working together in a concerted effort – an alliance – to spread the message of Creativity.

The purpose of this site is to help educate the average White South Australian (and anyone else who visits this site) as to what is really going on in the world. Helping them see through the everyday hypocrisy of a morally bereft society and hopefully assist them in thinking for themselves, rather than relying on a biased media and a corrupt government telling them what, how and where to think.

Reason being: We believe that the White man is his own worst enemy. We do not believe there is a conspiracy of Jews attempting to rule the universe through use of some mystical kabala magic. Although we do believe there is a group that we choose to call the Internationalist Elite, many of whom are Jews doing what is best for Jews. Add to that the rich White Christian businessmen who see that shitty little nation called Israel as the font of all that is holy, and greedy White businessmen who adopt the ideals and mores of what they think of as their peers in the world of high finance. Put the verbosity of the United Nations and the military might of the United States behind that. Allow it all to be steered by the Jewish Lobby and you have the recipe for the Internationalist Elite.

Is it a Jewish conspiracy? No. As I said before it is just Jews doing what is best for Jews. The rest is pure White idiocy and gullibility – and the Whites by far outnumber the Jews.

It is time White people awaken to reality and realise that doing what is best for the White race is best for themselves – it is a virtue. And doing what is bad for the White race is their own death-knell – it is a sin. Just awakening to that fact is simplicity in itself. It is what we believe, and if the average White person had an ounce of common sense, he or she would believe as we do.

Does that make us racist? Only as racist as the Jews, Abos, Arabs and others of that ilk that follow the exact same principles for their own advancement.

Does that make us haters? According to society it does. Anyone who is White and proud of his own people is naturally a “hater.” While anyone that is not White, has an intense dislike for those not of his race while at the same time professes a passionate love for anyone of his own race or skin colour, religion and (often former) nation is acceptable to the point of communal servility by a self-hating, guilt-ridden White populace. No smear words are ever attached to the non-White, bringing about the typical knee-jerk reaction that every White person who merely expresses pride in his or her heritage is subjected to.

It’s time to Wake Up Whitey!

Reverend Cailen Cambeul, P.M.E.
Church Administrator – Creativity Alliance
The Church of Creativity™
P.O. Box 420 Oaklands Park
S.A. 5046 Australia

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