KRudd’s Aboriginal Army of Nation Builders

Patricia Karvelas and Matthew Franklin: The Australian | September 02, 2008,25197,24279568-601,00.html

KEVIN Rudd is poised to use a $76 billion nation-building infrastructure program to tackle indigenous disadvantage by insisting Aborigines be recruited to work on dozens of new roads, ports and railway projects across the nation.

The Prime Minister’s hand-picked business adviser Rod Eddington, who heads the Government’s Infrastructure Australia organisation, last night said he would ask its board to agree that Aborigines should be provided access to jobs to be created as a result of the Government’s promises to ease infrastructure bottlenecks.

Sir Rod told The Australian he had been lobbied by indigenous leader Warren Mundine and agreed that Aborigines needed “special support and attention”.

“I think it’s a good question, and it’s something I’ll be taking to the Infrastructure Australia table,” Sir Rod said.

“It’s a challenge Warren has given me, and one I think we can respond to.” [more …]

Special employment opportunities for the indigenous while White long term unemployed are refused work? And they call me racist!

Give it a few years and the “disadvantaged” black refugees and immigrants will be given the same benefits as the indigenous. That’s when you’ll see a majority of jobs being advertised in the papers each week that might as well have “White people need not apply” on them. When that happens, the only way any non-university trained White person will ever be able to get a job is through liberal use of boot polish and detachable thick lips.


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